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Think, Think, and Think.

By providing the most suitable IT solutions to the customer, Seqdio hopes to contribute to society. Our basic principal is to come up with innovative and unprecedented IT solutions. We provide a variety of the latest IT services and content.

Constant Thought
Constant Breakthroughs


System Development
From requirement definition to system implementation, we provide a one-stop seamless service.
We provide high quality entertainment content through interactive programming.
We provide unique system services combining the latest IT technology.
Completed Works
Employment Support System - CM Search
Research on Latest IT Technology
Block chain


Seqdio Co., Ltd.
Office: Shimogofuku-machi 4-31, Hundred Building, Hakata-ward, Fukuoka-city, 812-0034 Japan
Representative: CEO Kyohei Tsuchiya
Founded: June 15, 2016
Capital: 4 million Yen
Bank: Nishi-Nippon City Bank Hakata Branch


Subway: 5 minutes walk from Gofuku-Machi Station, Kuko Line (Fukuoka City subway).
Highway: 2 minutes from Gofuku-Machi Ramp,Fukuoka Highway.

and think.and... 見えないものをクリエイトする。
Bringing Ideas to Life

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